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Bsnl broadband modem price – initial and other bsnl broadband modem price/charges are –

Initial and Other Charges

BSNL Broadband – Initial and other Charges
Installation charges Nil
Security Deposit of Modem (refundable) if Modem is taken on Rent Rs 500
Shifting Charges Nil
Change of Plan Charges Nil
Modem Charges
Modem Type
Modem Type ADSL Basic(Non-Wifi) ADSL WiFi VDSL WiFi
Modem Sale Price (one time Charges) * Rs.1400 Rs.1250 Rs.3250
Monthly Rental if Modem is taken on Rent Rs.70 Rs.110 Rs.150

* Inclusive GST and five years AMC.

WiFi: ADSL / VDSL modems with WiFi are suitable for broadband access through wireless i.e. within the home or office.
VDSL: VDSL (Very high Speed Digital Subscriber line) modems are used for accessing very high speed Broadband of 16 Mbps and above. VDSL modem can be used upto a distance of 1 Km from nearest BSNL Telephone Exchange

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