Best infomation about major Broadband plans

Are you Looking for Broadband plans?

Major Broadband Plans providers:

  1. Airtel
  2. BSNL
  4. JIO (yet to be launched)

Undoubtedly the best broadband plans in India is provided is provided by Airtel. The internet speed is very good and it never fluctuates. The  customer service is very good. The issues are resolved within minutes and there is a great chance that a service person will visit your house to fix issues if there are any problems.

Moreover you get monthly free unlimited landline calling options when you purchase the plans. the quality of servie is very good.

Airtel has given a tough competition to it’s local service providers.

Airtel broadband plans :

  1. 1000 GB + Amazon Prime subscription + Local & STD calling + 100 mbps speed +350 GB = Rs 1299
  2. 1000 GB + Amazon Prime subscription + Local & STD calling + 100 mbps speed + 250 GB = Rs 1099
  3. Local & STD calling + 40 mbps speed +150 GB = Rs 899

BSNL Broadband plans

Bsnl provides good plans but has been known for its bad services. You can’t blame BSNL it is government owned. BSNL has a broader coverage in terms of it’s plans and layouts.

The services would often give you a bad time, espacially during rainy seasons and if you are staying in hilly areas otherwise it is a good choice to consider.

  1.  10mbps upto 40 GB and 2 mbps after that for a price of Rs 1199

other plans are complementary but this is the most versatile plan that can be considered.

Connect Broadband plans

connect gives you the most usable limit in terms of its speed. The maximum speed is upto 8 mbps and remains same till 1500 GB without any fluctuations. It is a good service and can be very useful for corporate needs.

  1. 1500 GB + 8 mbps speed at Rs 2499 only
  2. other plans are very similar to this and can be found easily.




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