BSNL wifi Modem Price


BSNL offers WiFi modem at Rs. 1500/- with FIVE years warranty support & 100% Cashback BSNL has launched a very attractive scheme by offering BSNL WiFi Broadband modem at the cost of Rs. 1500/- & with 100% cashback.
Under the scheme, new Broadband customer who subscribe under a Broadband plan with monthly charges of Rs. 700/- & above, shall be able to purchase the Broadband modem from BSNL at Rs. 1500/-. Such customers, shall be given Rs. 100/- per month as cashback for 15 months.
BSNL is also offering warranty support for the modem for FIVE years’ period without any additional charges.
The above scheme is available till 31-12-2016 in all the circles.

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